The Arkansas Crisis Center is thrilled to welcome Emily Gilbertson as our Operations Manager! With the help of our VOCA grant (Victims of Crime Act), we were able to add Emily to our team in December. It is only with the help of our partners, donors, sponsors, and grantors that we can expand our reach across the state, increase our hours served on the helpline, and grow our dedicated staff. Specifically, our VOCA grant allows the ACC to serve Arkansans who have been victimized by crime. We are honored to serve these callers, and Emily will be a great addition to help us achieve the goals of this grant.

Emily is from Rogers and attended Rogers High School. She credits her Advanced Placement Psychology teacher during her junior year as spurring her passion in psychology. She graduated in 2012 from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. While at the University, Emily needed forty hours of community service for a class, and one of her professors recommended the Arkansas Crisis Center. For two years, she served as a helpline volunteer, answered calls, and saved lives.

While Emily has many memorable calls and success stories from her time on the helpline, one that stays with her revolves around her persisting until she got the caller to safety. A caller with a disability and no financial means needed shelter for the night. Emily called all available shelters and finally found one bed open at the last place she tried; however, her caller had no way of getting to this safe place. The shelter was not able to transport the caller, and the police department was transferring her around the station trying to find someone available for transport. After speaking with all station employees, Emily was losing the hope of getting her caller to safety, so she decided to call back and try again. With her persistence, she finally found a police officer who agreed to help our caller. Emily still thinks about this caller to this day, and she will never forget the great satisfaction she felt in knowing that she helped someone to safety.

When Emily is not helping callers, she enjoys hiking and camping around Northwest Arkansas. She has a three-year-old son named Oliver who is the love of her life, and they’ve just gotten a brand-new puppy named Chewy. Both keep her very busy!

Please join the Arkansas Crisis Center staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers in welcoming Emily Gilbertson to our team. We are so glad she’s here!