Rebecca Brubaker has joined The Arkansas Crisis Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is restoring hope, empowering people, and saving lives through suicide prevention.

Rebecca is responsible for giving direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and annual goals.

In her prior role as the Executive Director of the Safehouse Crisis Center, Rebecca spent 14 years serving victims of domestic and sexual violence through temporary shelter and advocacy. Her experience overseeing the collection and distribution of donations, complying with grant requirements, participating in local and state committees and task forces, serving as a liaison with the community, and organizing major fundraising events and activities will be a strong asset to The Arkansas Crisis Center.

“My number one goal is to make sure callers to our hotline receive the services they need to stay safe,” Rebecca said. “Another pressing goal is name recognition and branding. As we move out of the COVID-19 threat, I would like to move into a fundraising phase to help the agency grow and respond to the ever-increasing need for services throughout the state.” 

Rebecca is passionate about landscape photography, gardening, hiking, and camping.

“I am excited to welcome Rebecca to our organization. Her 14 years of experience with staff, community outreach, and fundraising were the attributes that attracted our recruiting committee to her. The entire board is excited to have Rebecca lead the next stage of our mission,” said Mark Reuter, President of the ACC Board.